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Oleeva® – Scar Fading and Reducing Sheets, Patches, and Products

by Bio Med Sciences, Inc.

About Bio Med Sciences

Since 1987, Bio Med Sciences, Inc., the makers of Oleeva® products, has delivered leading technology to the burn treatment, plastic surgery and aesthetic skin-care markets. Our proven, patented Silon® technology provides a versatile platform for a wide range of medical products.

Bio Med Sciences was started by Mark Dillon in 1987 based on proprietary technology with numerous US & foreign patents now issued.

Bio Med has successfully developed its IPN technology into the Silon, Oleeva® and SeaAllure lines of products.  The company sells direct to patients, consumers and clinical practices as well as through distributors.

Oleeva® products are available exclusively from Bio Med Sciences and through authorized business partners.

Bio Med Sciences is committed to innovation in its markets. The company prides itself with creative ideas for new and innovative products. Our skilled team of R&D professionals are dedicated to promoting the science of wound, scar and skin care around the world. Contact us today!